Stuart Penn

Visual Effects

I am a Visual Effects Supervisor at Framestore in London. I joined Framestore in 2000 as a modeller on the Emmy winning Dinotopia Mini-series. Since then I have worked many films including Oscar & BAFTA winners Gravity, The Golden Compass and Avatar. See my portfolio for other films. I am a member of BAFTA.

On Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity I was a CG Sequence Supervisor. Responibilities included working with Alfonso and VFX Supervisor Tim Webber and DoP Chivo to develop the techniques used to shoot Gravity, on set & technical supervision, motion control setup and lighting supervision. I won a VES Award - Outstanding Created Environment in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture for the Gravity Exteriors.

I have experience with lighting, modelling, scripting, motion control and general VFX problem solving. I also have considerable on-set experience, including surveying, shoot planning and working closely with Special Effects and Art Departments.

Prior to becoming involved with Visual Effects, I gained a PhD and spent 10 years as a research physicist, both in Industrial and University research groups.

Updated: 11 April 2019  Stuart Penn